Center Cores

Center for Neurocognition and Emotion in Schizophrenia Cores

  • Prodromal Research Program The primary goal of the Prevention Research Program is to provide prodromal participants with a structured, high quality clinical care setting within which the Center research can take place. The objectives of this core are to recruit patients with... (Read more)
  • Aftercare Research Program Core The Aftercare Research Program is an outpatient research clinic that provides the clinical site for the recruitment, pharmacological and psychosocial interventions, and assessments of symptoms and functional outcome for first-episode patients who... (Read more)
  • Chronic Schizophrenia Recruitment and Assessment Core The primary function of the Chronic Schizophrenia Recruitment and Assessment Core is to recruit and clinically assess chronic schizophrenia patients and demographically comparable normal subjects for participation in studies of the Center. This Core... (Read more)
  • Functional Outcome and Symptom Assessment Core This core provides specialized diagnostic and psychiatric symptom assessment training, quality assurance procedures and best strategies for measuring psychosocial and functional outcomes for individuals with schizophrenia. In addition, the Core... (Read more)
  • Data and Methodology Core The Data and Methodology Core provides methodological and statistical consulting, and specialized programming ongoing consultation to Center fro Schizophrenia researchers on data analysis, design of new projects, and conduct of ongoing experiments.... (Read more)
  • Administration and Training Core The Administration and Training Core serves the daily administrative needs of the Center for Neurocognition and Emotion in Schizonphrenia. This Core involves Dr. Nuechterlein as Center PI, four other UCLA faculty members who as Center Co-PIs (Drs.... (Read more)