Research Centers, Programs and Initiatives

This master listing shows all current research-focused groups (Centers, Programs, Initiatives and Multi-disciplinary Teams) within the Semel Institute, Department of Psychiatry and Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA. The groups are listed alphabetically, but you can narrow down the listing by using the drop-down search filters below.

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ADHD Program

Clinic and research program for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ ADHD)

Adolescence, Ethnicity and Immigration Research Program

To conduct systematic research on the adjustment of adolescents from diverse ethnic and immigrant background

Bearden Lab

Bearden Lab

Brain, Behavior, and Aging Research Center

Alzheimer's and Dementia Research Group

Center for Autism Research & Treatment

Understanding the biological and psychosocial basis of autism to develop and disseminate new and more effective treatments for ASDs

Center for Biomedical Modeling

The main focus of research is to develop the study of infectious diseases into a predictive science

Center for Community Health

Mission is advance the understanding of and to improve the health, development, and quality of life for children and adults in high-risk situations

Center for Culture and Health

Examines how social, structural, psychological, and cultural factors affect mental and physical health

Center for Health Services and Society

Researches how health services are delivered and to improve health services for persons with psychiatric and neurologic disorders across the lifespan

Center for Neurobehavioral Genetics

Discovering the genetic basis of major psychiatric and neurological disorders to shed light on the development, function, or degeneration of the CNS

Center for Neurocognition and Emotion in Schizophrenia

UCLA Center for Neurocognition and Emotion in Schizophrenia

Center for Sleep Research

Understanding the evolution, function and disorders of REM sleep.

Center for the Assessment and Prevention of Prodromal States (CAPPS)

The Center for the Assessment and Prevention of Prodromal States (CAPPS)

Childhood OCD, Anxiety & Tic Disorders Program

Clinical research program that specializes in the evaluation and treatment of anxiety and related problems in children and adolescents

Coppola Lab

Genetic and genomic studies in neurodegenerative diseases.

Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology

Understanding the interactions between the brain and the body and the importance of psychological well-being for both health and recovery from illness

Creativity - Autism Research

A group studying the Biology of Creativity in Autism

Cultural Neuropsychology Initiative

Cultural Neuropsychology Initiative

Division of Adult Psychiatry

Provides comprehensive programs for clinical research, teaching, and treatment for adults suffering from psychiatric illness

Division of Geriatric Psychiatry

Division of Geriatric Psychiatry

Division of Medical Psychology-Neuropsychology

Provides administrative oversight for over 200 faculty, staff, and trainees in Clinical Psychology throughout the UCLA Health System

Dual Diagnosis Program

The Dual Diagnosis Program specialize in the treatment of co-occurring substance use and other Axis I disorders.

Fuster Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience

Fuster Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience

Hatos Center for Neuropharmacology

Focuses on research concerned with addictive drugs, including opioids, nicotine and psychostimulants.

Integrated Substance Abuse Programs

Advance the knowledge base on drug problems and to improve the delivery of drug abuse treatment services through an array of projects

Integrative Study Center in Mood Disorders

Recruit and integrate researchers into Mood Disorders studies, and raise public awareness of related conditions

Intellectual Development and Disabilities Research Center

To provide new knowledge concerning the understanding and treatment of Intellectual Development & Disabilities

Later Life Depression, Stress and Wellness Research Program

Aiming to promote wellness in seniors and their caregivers

Mindful Awareness Research Center

MARC fosters mindful awareness through education and research to promote well-being and a more compassionate society.

Mood Disorders

A virtual group encompassing the various research, clinic and integrated groups involved in Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders Research Program

Aims to cultivate a better understanding of mood disorders through research.

Nurmi/McCracken Lab

The Nurmi/McCracken Laboratory studies genetic factors underlying brain functioning, psychiatric disorders, and effects of psychotropic medications.

Open Doors to College

Provides information for students and families as they consider their next steps from high school

Parenting & Children's Friendship Program

Social skills training for parents, children and adolescents

Section on Psychosis

Improve the lives of people with psychotic illnesses through a multi-disciplinary program that includes research, education, and clinical care

Staglin IMHRO Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience Research Group

Tarjan Center

Provide leadership in education, research and innovative practices that supports all people with disabilities

Tennenbaum Center for the Biology of Creativity

To study the mechanisms that result in cognitive enhancements and explain unusual levels of performance in gifted individuals.

The Center for Culture,Trauma, and Mental Health Disparities

Examining the prevalence and impact of traumatic experiences on PTSD, depression and concomitant processes in ethnic minority populations.

The Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders Program (CHAMP)

The CHAMP program provides diagnostic evaluations, second opinion consultation, and short-term treatments for youth who have mood disorders

The UCLA Eating Disorder and Body Dysmorphic Disorder Research Program

Clinical neuroscience of emotion and perception in anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphic disorder.

Treatment for ADHD, Irritability, and Mood Dysregulation

Treatment for ADHD, Irritability, and Mood Dysregulation

UCLA Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Program for Psychiatric Disorders

Offering patients with severe, treatment-resistant Obsessive Compulsive Disorder an additional treatment option using Deep Brain Stimulation

UCLA Family Development Project

To enhance the capacity of the members of a family to support each other and to effectively recognize and meet the needs of their infant.

UCLA Integrative Center for Neurogenetics

UCLA Integrative Center for Neurogenetics

UCLA Longevity Center

Mission is to enhance and extend productive and healthy life through preeminent research and education on aging,caregiver education,alzeheimer's

UCLA Neuroscience Genomics Core

Offer academic researchers the custom snp genotyping, whole genome genotyping, whole genome gene expression screens and sequencing services


Evidence-based, parent-assisted social skills intervention for motivated adolescents and young adults to improve social skills

Youth Stress and Mood Program

The Youth Stress & Mood Program is a clinical and research program specializing in depression and suicide prevention in children and adolescents.