Regulated expression of the Ras effector Rin1 in forebrain neurons.

TitleRegulated expression of the Ras effector Rin1 in forebrain neurons.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsDzudzor, B, Huynh L, Thai M, Bliss JM, Nagaoka Y, Wang Y, Ch'ng TH, Jiang M, Martin KC, Colicelli J
JournalMolecular and cellular neurosciences
Date Published2010 Jan
KeywordsAnimals, Cells, Cultured, Gene Expression Regulation, Genes, Reporter, Humans, Mice, Mice, Transgenic, Neurons, Promoter Regions, Genetic, Prosencephalon, rab GTP-Binding Proteins, Signal Transduction, Transcription Factors

The Ras effector Rin1 is induced concomitant with synaptogenesis in forebrain neurons, where it inhibits fear conditioning and amygdala LTP. In epithelial cells, lower levels of Rin1 orchestrate receptor endocytosis. A 945 bp Rin1 promoter fragment was active in hippocampal neurons and directed accurate tissue-specific and temporal expression in transgenic mice. Regulated expression in neurons and epithelial cells was mediated in part by Snail transcriptional repressors: mutation of a conserved Snail site increased expression and endogenous Snai1 was detected at the Rin1 promoter. We also describe an element closely related to, but distinct from, the consensus site for REST, a master repressor of neuronal genes. Conversion to a consensus REST sequence reduced expression in both cell types. These results provide insight into regulated expression of a neuronal Ras effector, define a promoter useful in telencephalic neuron studies, and describe a novel REST site variant directing expression to mature neurons.

Alternate JournalMol. Cell. Neurosci.