Lifespan trajectory of myelin integrity and maximum motor speed.

TitleLifespan trajectory of myelin integrity and maximum motor speed.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBartzokis, G, Lu PH, Tingus K, Mendez MF, Richard A, Peters DG, Oluwadara B, Barrall KA, Finn PJ, Villablanca P, Thompson PM, Mintz J
JournalNeurobiology of aging
Date Published2010 Sep
KeywordsAdult, Aged, Aged, 80 and over, Aging, Humans, Male, Middle Aged, Motor Cortex, Movement, Myelin Sheath, Physical Endurance, Physical Exertion, Young Adult

Myelination of the human brain results in roughly quadratic trajectories of myelin content and integrity, reaching a maximum in mid-life and then declining in older age. This trajectory is most evident in vulnerable later myelinating association regions such as frontal lobes and may be the biological substrate for similar trajectories of cognitive processing speed. Speed of movement, such as maximal finger tapping speed (FTS), requires high-frequency action potential (AP) bursts and is associated with myelin integrity. We tested the hypothesis that the age-related trajectory of FTS is related to brain myelin integrity.

Alternate JournalNeurobiol. Aging