Psychology Doctoral Practicum (Pre-Internship) Programs:

There are multiple Psychology Doctoral Practicum Training Programs (also known as 'Pre-internships', 'Clerkships', or 'Externships') available for students at UCLA in the fields of Neuropsychology and Therapy. Please see specific tracks regarding application process.

Schools we have active Memorandum of Understandings (MOU's)  with:

Azusa Pacific University  7/25/2016
CSPP-LA, Alliant  8/3/2015
CSPP-San Diego, Alliant  4/29/2016
Fielding Graduate Institution 6/6/2016
Fuller Theological Seminary  9/4/2015
Loma Linda   University 8/14/2016
Palo Alto   University 27/8/2017
Pepperdine University  7/20/2015
University of La Verne  9/5/2015
University of Massachusetts - Amherst 6/6/2016
USC  6/8/2015