Training Programs

The Semel Institute and Department of Psychiatry is training the next generation of physicians and scientists who will bring their abilities to bear throughout California, the United States, and around the world. The Department fosters collaborative research and education across departments at UCLA and our trainees enroll in a program within a particular department (or in an interdepartmental program) at the David Geffen School of Medicine and the other academic units of UCLA.

The general Psychiatry Residency and the Child & Adolescent and Geriatric Fellowships are primarily based at UCLA with affiliated programs across the greater LA area. Internship and postdoctoral fellowships for clinical psychology and neuropsychology are internationally renowned and among the largest in the world. Within the Department, training for medical students is delivered through an 8 week Clerkship and by participation in Psychiatry Electives.

Research training is delivered through a variety of pre- and post- doctoral fellowships, supported by a vast portfolio of courses, not only to develop research skills, but also to support trainees and health professionals across the fields of psychiatry, neuroscience and human behavior.

Finally there are many opportunities for continuing education with the Department and the Semel Institute, through Grand Rounds, online training, conferences and symposia

All Postdoctoral, Predoctoral, Clinical and Research Fellowships

Title Program type Subject areas
Child Mental Health Intervention Research - Postdoctoral Research Training Fellowship Postdoctoral Fellowships
Dementia and Behavioral Neuroscience Research Fellowship Postdoctoral Fellowships Degenerative diseases
Drug Abuse Research Fellowship (Predoctoral and postdoctoral) Postdoctoral Fellowships Substance abuse
Fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry Clinical Fellowships and Training
Fellowship in Geriatric Psychiatry Geriatric Fellowship
Fellowship Training in Psychiatric Research Clinical Fellowships and Training
Health Psychology: Biobehavioral Issues in Physical and Mental Health (Predoctoral and postdoctoral) Postdoctoral Fellowships
HIV-AIDS Fellowship (Predoctoral and postdoctoral) Postdoctoral Fellowships
HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, and Trauma Training Program Postdoctoral Training HIV/AIDS, Trauma and Culture, Substance abuse
Neuroendocrinology of Reproduction (Predoctoral and postdoctoral) Postdoctoral Fellowships
NeuroEngineering Training Program (Predoctoral) Pre Doctoral Training
Neuropsychology AIDS Fellowship (Postdoctoral) Postdoctoral Fellowships
Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program in Neuropsychology Postdoctoral Fellowships, Psychology Training Programs
Postdoctoral Training Program in Neurobehavioral Genetics Postdoctoral Research Training Genetics & neurochemistry
Psychological Research on Schizophrenic Conditions (Predoctoral and postdoctoral) Postdoctoral Fellowships Psychosis
Training in Behavioral Neuroscience (Predoctoral) Pre Doctoral Training
Training Program in Cellular Neurobiology (Predoctoral and postdoctoral) Postdoctoral Fellowships
Training Program in Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology (Predoctoral) Pre Doctoral Training
Training Program in Neural Repair (Predoctoral and postdoctoral) Postdoctoral Fellowships
Training Program in Neuroimaging (Predoctoral and postdoctoral) Postdoctoral Fellowships Brain imaging