John Van Horn

Dr. Van Horn examines the neurophysiology of human cognition using in vivo neuroimaging techniques, e.g. functional MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, and its relations to other biological systems. Areas of interest in neuroimaging include - visuo-spatial task performance, motor learning, working memory, and continuous task performance. Recent work involves the use of multimodal neuroimaging to model acute and chronic brain trauma. He also studies mathematical applications and engineering solutions for neuroimaging. He is also known for his contributions to neuroinformatics, mathematical modeling, experimental design, statistical, quantitative methods, data visualization, and the sociological and technical issues of neuroscientific data sharing, as well as neuroimaging data basing, data mining, and meta-analysis (e.g in schizophrenia). Present projects include the application of communications and information theory to analysis of functional and structural brain connectivity.

Recent Published Research Articles (from 100+ peer reviewed articles):

Van Horn John Darrell, Gazzaniga Michael S Why share data? Lessons learned from the fMRIDC.. NeuroImage. 2012; 

Torgerson Carinna M, Irimia Andrei, Leow Alex D, Bartzokis George, Moody Teena D, Jennings Robin G, Alger Jeffry R, Van Horn John Darrell, Altshuler Lori L DTI tractography and white matter fiber tract characteristics in euthymic bipolar I patients and healthy control subjects.. Brain imaging and behavior. 2012; 66C: .

Leow Alex, Ajilore Olusola, Zhan Liang, Arienzo Donatello, Gadelkarim Johnson, Zhang Aifeng, Moody Teena, Van Horn John, Feusner Jamie, Kumar Anand, Thompson Paul, Altshuler Lori Impaired Inter-Hemispheric Integration in Bipolar Disorder Revealed with Brain Network Analyses.. Biological psychiatry. 2012; .
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Van Horn John Darrell, Irimia Andrei, Torgerson Carinna M, Chambers Micah C, Kikinis Ron, Toga Arthur W Mapping connectivity damage in the case of Phineas Gage.. PloS one. 2012; 7(5): e37454.

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