A request for feedback from PCFA Members and UCLA Departmental Trainees, Faculty & Staff

The committee chaired by Drs. Bernard Bierman and Erick Cheung is seeking to improve the experience of patients, referring faculty and UCLA professionals working in the Ronald Reagan Medical Center Emergency Department and the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital. Please share any experiences that you believe might help in this process by e-mailing them to us:

The UCLA Patient Referral Experience

Resident Evaluation

VERINFORM WEB-BASE EVALUATION SYSTEM Volunteer clinical faculty will now be expected to use the School of Medicine's Verinform system to evaluate residents under their supervision. Clinical faculty are now logged in the system and will be prompted by email periodically to provide evaluations of residents registered as being under their supervision. Clinical faculty may also generate evaluations of residents "on the fly" as they see fit. This new system replaces the old system of triplicate paper evaluation forms. The system is also used by residents and medical students to evaluate their supervisors and teachers, including lecturers in the psychiatry residency curriculum. Clinical faculty who have not yet received their registration information may contact Ronald Lopez, in the residency education office. To fill out evaluations or view your Verinform account, go to: .

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