Drs. Allen Frances and Allen Pack

Allen Pack, M.D., Chairperson of the DPSS, presents the
award for the 2013 lecture to Dr. Allen Frances.

Dr. Allen Frances gave well-received presentations to the residents on Friday evening, October 4th and then to PCFA members and guests on Saturday, October 5th. A video of the Saturday DPSS lecture is available.

On the Friday evening before the meeting the DPSS lecturer traditionally meets with the psychiary residents to discuss a case presented by one of them.  Discussions are typically informal and informative. The next day at 10:30 AM following a 15 minute break after the business meeting, the speaker is introduced by Chairperson Allen Pack, M.D. The ensuing two-hour lecture is followed by Q &A  and then a private lunch for the speaker with members of the PCFA Board of Directors.

The first Distinguished Psychiatrist lecturer was James Masterson, M.D. The long list of others who have received this honor includes Otto Kernberg, Robert Michels, Ethel Person, Richard Green and Peter Kramer.


Allen Pack MD and Peter Kramer MD

Dr. Pack presents the DPSS award to 2012 recipient Peter Kramer, M.D.



Richard J Metzner MD and Otto Kernberg MD

2001 DPSS honoree Otto Kernberg, M.D. (right)
with then president Richard J. Metzner, M.D.