The Psychiatric Clinical Faculty Association at UCLA is dedicated to enhancing the clinical education and career growth of residents through its teaching, mentoring, and funding activities.

The two co-chief residents are the residency representatives on the PCFA Board of Directors.

PCFA activities for residents include:
1. Psychotherapy supervision
2. On-site clinical supervision
3. Process group supervision
4. Individual psychotherapy training course
5. Core-curriculum lectures and seminars
6. Lunchtime lectures and talks
7. Mentoring
8. Recruiting activities funding
9. Annual residency retreat funding
10. Annual distinguished speaker dinner and lecture
11. Annual Shirley Hatos research prizes

Psychotherapy Training Course: Members of the clinical faculty offer long-term individual psychotherapy through this course to residents as an essential part of their education in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Three-hundred and fifty residents from all of UCLA's affiliated psychiatric residency programs have taken advantage of this groundbreaking course since its inception almost two decades ago. To enroll, contact the course coordinator, Dr. Andrew Russell, at the Semel Institute.