Think College Conference March 2012 Videos

The following video presentations were given during the March 13, 2012 “Driving Forces Behind Successful Postsecondary Education and Employment for Young Adults with Intellectual Disability and Autism” Working Conference held at the UC Davis, MIND Institute. Major themes of the conference were: Interagency Collaboration, Self Determination, Standards Based Conceptual Framework, Employment and Families. If you would like additional information about content shared at the conference or a copy of the conference binder, please contact Wilbert Francis at:

Think College Conference March 2012 - PART 1

This video provides information about the roles of the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) and Community College systems in serving transition age youth with intellectual disabilities (ID) and on five College2Career cooperative programs.
Presenters are: Jeff Riel, Catherine Campisi, Ph.D., Scott Berenson, and Mark Erlichman.

Think College Conference March 2012 - PART 2

This video provides a discussion on the self-determination process as young persons with disabilities transition from secondary to postsecondary school and employment outcomes in their community of choice.
Presenter: Robert Stodden, Ph.D.

Think College Conference March 2012 - PART 3

This video provides recommended strategies for students and parents to prepare for college from middle school through high school. It highlights the role of families in supporting students with an intellectual/developmental disability participating in college.
Presenter: Debra Hart

Think College Conference March 2012 - PART 4

This video provides insights about employment of individuals with autism or intellectual disabilities from the experiences of employers and employees. Presenters share share their role and work experiences.
Presenters are: Wilbert Francis, James Collins, J.D., Martha Goff, Coleen Cox, Derek Finstad, Jeffrey Ross, Lawrence Silva, and Marcos Silva

Expanding our Footprint

This presentation was given at the California Consortium for Postsecondary Education for People with Developmental Disabilities’ Southern Regional Meeting on January 31, 2011. To learn more about the Consortium, click here: