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Please check out a great article published by a new publicatio Savant Garde about the history of the NADC. Click here
NEW REPORT: Cultivating Talent: Improving Access to Arts Careers for Artists with Disabilities
A review of the Statewide Forums program from 2002-2013 demonstrated that the Statewide Forums increased confidence, artistic skills and business/marketing skills, connections to other artists and arts employers, and led to sales or short term employment of artists with disabilities. State arts agencies discovered artists with disabilities, including those that were already part of their networks; developed new partnerships with arts and disability organizations, and increased their knowledge about the needs of artists with disabilities and how to include them in their programs. For more information on the impact of the Statewide Forums program and identified best practices read the report: "Cultivating Talent:  Improving Access to Arts Careers for Artists with Disabilities."
Carol Es is the NADC Featured Artist of the Month
Carol Es is a native Los Angeles artist, writer and musician. She began life as a visual artist at age 6, drawing cartoons underneath tables in bowling alleys. A shy recluse, Carol has come to express herself wholly in her art after surviving a traumatic childhood while trying to overcome both physical and mental disabilities.  Working mostly in oil and collage as a self-educated painter, many of her works include strong personal messages and are part of an on-going therapy. A dark, yet childlike humor interweaves throughout her paintings, drawings, installations, soft sculptures and books - forming accessible, narrative works of art that often address her childhood and personal surroundings.
Funds Are Now Available for the Arts and Technical Assistance Grants Program
The NADC would like to announce that funds are available for our Arts and Accessibility Technical Assistance Grants Program. The purpose of the California Arts and Accessibility Technical Assistance Program is to enhance opportunities for participation in the arts by people with disabilities. This is done through small, but critical grants to artists with disabilities and arts organizations. Grants for artists with disabilities are intended to support those who are committed to advancing their work and their careers. Applications are encouraged from artists in all artistic disciplines.  Please read the Guidelines for more information.
CORE 10: Defining Ourselves
Arts and Services for the Disabled and the NADC bring to you CORE 10: Defining Ourselves, celebrating Disability Awareness and Arts Month. In its 10th year, CORE intersects with artists nationally and internationally, while continuing to expand its reach by offering key components this year. In addition to the high quality of visual arts that will be showcased, CORE 10 also include a complete evening of live performances, a panel discussion bringing together diverse voices from the arts and disability advocacy communities, and a community workshop event inviting the public to take part in an interactive arts experience. CORE continues its mission to provide space and context for artists, community members, and arts and disability advocates to build common bonds and promote visibility through a diverse arts forum. CORE 10 will take place over 4 days.  The Opening Reception is Saturday, October 11, 5:00pm-9:00pm Hellada Gallery, 117 Linden Ave, Long Beach, CA.