Faculty and Staff

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Lori Altschuler Lori Altshuler Director
Director, Mood Disorders Research Program

Dr. Altshuler holds the Julia S. Gouw Endowed Chair for Mood Disorders, and is the founding and current Director of the MDRP. She has been recognized for her research by the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and the National Depressive, Manic-Depressive Association.

Viven Burt portrait Vivien Burt
Director, Women's Life Center

Dr. Vivien Burt is associate professor of Clinical Psychiatry and the founder and director of the Women's Life Center at The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Her interests include pregnancy-related psychiatric illnesses, postpartum disorders and psychiatric conditions associated with perimenopause. 

Nathalie Vizueta, Ph.D Nathalie Vizueta, Ph.D
Project Scientist

Dr. Nathalie Vizueta's research focuses on exploring the neural circuitry abnormalities that underlie bipolar I and bipolar II depression. Using functionl MRI scans obtained pretreatment and post-treatment, Dr. Vizueta is currently investigating baseline neural predictors of positive treatment response, and how the brain changes with successful treatment of depression. 

Michael Gitlin portrait Michael Gitlin
Director, Mood Disorders Clinic

Dr. Michael Gitin is a Professor of Clinical Psychiatry and the Director of the Mood Disorders Clinic at The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He is also Medical Director of the Aftercare Clinic, a research clinic specializing in schizophrenia, and Director of Specialty Clinics.

Teri English portrait Teri English
Admin Director, Mood Disorders Research Program (West LA VA)

In 1995 when the Mood Disorders Research Program was established, Teri became the Research Administrator for the program and remains in this role today. She is responsible for obtaining and maintaining regulatory approvals to perform research, preparation of grants, assistance with manuscript preparation and overseeing financial operations for the Mood Disorders Research Program.

John Brooks John Brooks
Associate Professor

Dr. John Brooks' research focuses on mechanisms of brain activity, cognition, and personalization of treatment in mood disorders.  He is the Director of the Psychiatry Consultation/Liaison Service at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Rita Suri Rita Suri
Susan Lynn Marusak portrait Susan Lynn Marusak
Jennifer Townsend Jennifer Townsend
Ingrid Cuellar Ingrid Cuellar
Patricia Walshaw, Ph.D. Patricia Walshaw, Ph.D.

Dr. Walshaw oversees our neurocognitive testing studies and data analysis and is a collaborator on our across the lifespan bipolar disorder studies.

Michael Green Michael Green
Mark Frye portrait Mark Frye, M.D.
Salvatore Torrisi Salvatore Torrisi

Salvatore (Sam) Torrisi is a former graduate student in the UCLA Neuroscience Interdepartmental Program and leading researcher in the area of brain functional connectivity in a bipolar population. Sam is now a postdoctoral researcher at the NIMH in Betheseda, Maryland.

Jeff Fischer Jeffrey Fischer
Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator for the “Structural and Functional MRI in Persons with and without Bipolar Disorder, Depression and Attention Deficit Disorder,” study.

Ana Aquino Ana Aquino
Program Administrator

Ana joined the UCLA Mood Disorders Research Program in 1999 and is currently our senior research coordinator.

Conor Penfold
Elizabeth Rockmore Elizabeth Rockmore
Research Assistant, Mood Disorders Research Program
Lara Foland-Ross Lara Foland-Ross