There are 4 terms that can be associated with 'people':

Terms associated with people

  • User accounts - the only way for people to login and create/edit website content.  This is linked to your UCLA online ID.
  • Profiles - every trainee and member of Faculty and Staff should have one! This is the bio as listed at
  • Directory listing - a Profile that is associated with a Group (eg Center or Program) website - a contextual bio/title can also be added.
  • Group Member - a User account that is associated with a Group site.  Gives account user additional viewing/edit privileges within a specific Group.

User Account

To create a User account simply login using your UCLA online ID, by clicking on the 'Login' link at the top of any webpage. Guidance on logging in at An account is not needed to generate a Profile.

The public cannot view any User account details - only the System administrator can view users' email addresses; however, all users are encouraged to create a Display name to mask their User account name.


Faculty and VCF Profiles were initially created from lists provided by the Academic Personnel Office in Summer 2009. Changes to Vocabularies (Personnel Category and Series) should only be made by HR/APO.  If you have errors that you wish to correct, or need to set up a Profile page for yourself, please request so when you 'Request Edit Rights'.  Once your account is upgraded non-Faculty have automatic Edit rights over their linked public Profile (Faculty update their profile on the School of Medicine database - see below).

Within the standard Profile, users can optionally create and edit:

  • A brief biosketch
  • Upload a portait image
  • Upload a CV/Resume (eg, PDF or Word format)
  • Contact details (links to other websites, email address, mail address)

NB: With the exception of email addresses (and CTS information - used only by VCF), all the information you enter into your Profile will be visible to the public, so please be conscious of what information you enter and upload.

Faculty Profiles

Please note that Faculty Profiles are linked to their profiles on the School of Medicine Faculty Database (FDB); the data that is linked from the FDB includes: Bio Page, Portrait Image, Contact Information, [NPI] Research Interests and Publications.  To make changes to your FDB profile, please login to A detailed guide on updating FDB profiles is given in the attached guide.

Directory Listing

Once a Profile has been created it is listed by default in the central Institute directory. Group administrators can list (by reference) Profiles on their Group sites, and add in a short contextual bio/title.

Group Member

This is a User account that is linked to a Group. Once a member of a Group, logged-in users can post public and private content within their own Group site.  Group administrators can also communicate easily with Group Members.  A User account can be a member of more than 1 Group.  To review your own Group memberships go to

Note: only other Group members can see who else is a member of a specific group.