Logging In

In order to log in to this website, you currently need a UCLA online ID (which used to be called 'Bruin Online Account' (BOL)); Mednet/NPIH login credentials are not recognized.

UCLA Online ID

If you do not have a UCLA Online ID, or want to check your details, please visit https://logon.ucla.edu. To obtain a UCLA online ID, you do not necessarily need to be a current student, faculty or staff member, but is generally used across campus to access online services. Please read the guide on creating a UCLA online ID if you are unfamiliar with this system.

Once logged in you should see a dark grey bar across the top of the page with your account name and a 'Logout' button. If you do not, 'Refresh' your browser (press F5 on a Windows PC). Please note that when you are logged in, you are viewing live content, so it can sometimes take a few seconds to generate your web page; conversely when you are not logged in, you will be viewing cached content that is up to 24 hours out of date - but pages should load far more quickly. It's your choice, but it is recommended that you only login to the system when you need to make content updates, or to view private content.

Logging in for the first time

You will only have limited permissions after initially logging in: because anyone can create a UCLA online ID, we need to manually vet User accounts to grant additional edit permissions, additional server storage, as well as use more sophisticated text editors.  You are encouraged to 'Request Edit Rights' so that the web admin team can review your account and grant you extra permissions only if you are a member of the Semel Institute (Faculty, Staff or Trainee) - there is a link on your User account page.

Intro presentation: logging-in and account configuration

Privacy and Security

For many users, their account name may be the same as their @ucla.edu email address (this is fixed by the UCLA identity servers). You can manually mask this account name to protect your privacy: if you edit your user account (www.semel.ucla.edu/user), click on the 'Edit' tab, then on the 'Screen name.'  You can enter and save a publicly-displayed user name (ideally your real name - avoid slang or profane terms please). 


After logout, your browser may 'remember' your UCLA ID for up to 1 hour. If you are using a shared machine, it is recommended that you also close the browser after logging out of the website to ensure that any temporary information about yourself is cleared from your computer's memory.


Technical Issues
  • If you are experiencing problems accessing the UCLA authentication pages (during login) (seen occasionally with Internet Explorer 6) contact the Bruin OnLine help desk at x74357 or consult@ucla.edu. The help desk consultants can walk you through the troubleshooting process to try to determine the cause of any issues.
  • Some users are experiencing problems editing pages with the Internet Explorer browser. You can either disable JavaScript, or switch to using another browser: Chrome, Firefox and Safari are known to work well.

(Updated 8 September 2010)