Adding Clinical Services and Programs


A Service is a type of webpage to detail a patient-focused treatment/assessment service or clinical program; can include hospital inpatient/outpatient services. Please note that only Group Administrators can create and edit Service webpages.

  • Language - under the title you can optionally create separate versions for English and Spanish. To do this create your first pass of the page in English; 'Save' the page; 'Edit' it (again); Select Spanish, then complete the parts that need to be in Spanish again; 'Save'. Not all aspects of the page can be translated - such as dates - but this may be a useful feature available to you.
  • Service - a summary and type of service offered
  • Booking - how to patients book and manage referrals
  • Location - select the site or type a custom address. You may also wish to describe how to get your clinic/program
  • Faculty and staff - Optionally cross-reference to profiles (as available at
  • File attachments - you may wish to attach a PDF version of your clinic/service brochure
  • Vocabularies - Classify your service using 'lay' terms or DSM-IV