VGR Hiring Process

Applicable to VGR, VGR-Stipend or VGR-Salary

 To initiate the hiring process you will first need to fill out ourAcademic Trainee Office Graduate Student Appointment form(note: this form will need to be printed out on a lavender paper).

Please include the following:

-Curriculum vitae

-Statement of objective

-Unofficial Transcripts

-J-1 visa application packet (Applicable to UCLA sponsored applicants)

Once a completed packet is received by the Academic Trainee office, it is then submitted to your fund manager for approval. Once it is approved, the applicant will receive an email invitation; from the ATO to apply for the VGR position.

The applicant will need to complete the application via online. Non-refundable fees are required at initial application. Please see link below.

If the applicant is paying for any application fees, he or she will receive an email requesting credit card payment through the CASHNet system. If the hiring center elects to cover any fees; a recharge ID must be provided on the Academic Trainee Office Graduate Student Appointment form. Whether the applicant or the hiring center pays fees is at the discretion of the center.

If the applicant meets all eligibility requirements, the Graduate Division will issue a notice of provisional approval. The ATO will forward provisional approval from Graduate Division to the hiring center and applicant.

International Visitors: Required.

 J-1 Non-Degree Student Visa: To participate in research activities under the supervision of a UCLA faculty. However may not hold a Clinical title. Maximum 3 years, with 2 year extension for a total of 5 years. Includes time spent at another institution on a J-1 visa. If you are planning on hiring an international visitor, please contactIriss Brion.

Special notes:

VGRs may receive stipends and or wages from hiring departments (VGR-Salary, VGR-Stipend)

  1. VGR- Salary appointments are allowed wages for the maximum of 20 hours weekly (50% time on a non-academic appointment. Once the appointment has been provisionally approved by Graduate Division; the ATO will notify the hiring department for the next steps to complete the process.
  2. VGR-Stipend appointments are allowed to receive stipends to support their research. Please complete the appropriate field on the Academic Trainee Office Graduate Student Appointment form.

Please allow sufficient time for processing from the anticipated hire date. It is highly recommended that hiring departments consult the ATO before proceeding to offer a VGR position.

For more information/policies regarding Visiting Graduate Appointments, visit the Graduate Division website.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact either:

Iriss Brion


Maricruz Sanchez