This is a list of all courses at the Semel Institute, including the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences. Please use the filters to narrow down the course you wish to view. You may also view the schedule of courses in calendar or timeline formats that includes the core curriculum for Psychiatry Residents and Fellows
  1. Randall Espinoza
  2. Cynthia Whitham
  3. Cynthia Whitham
  4. PEERS® for Adolescents
  5. Cynthia Whitham
  6. Family Meetings
    Nancy L Rosser
    4 Aug 2009
  7. Family Meetings
    Behnaz Jalali
    8 Sep 2009
  8. Family Meetings
    Behnaz Jalali
    15 Sep 2009
  9. Timothy Fong
  10. James McCracken, M.D.
  11. Charles Hinkin
  12. Charles Hinkin
  13. Andrew Leuchter
  14. Keith Nuechterlein