Clinicians in Reno, Nevada

A reader asked:

I am trying to locate clinicians in the Reno area who are trained in FFT.
Also, need a psychiatrist (who is accepting patients) specializing in adolescent BD, familiar with current research on related psychopharmacology issues.
Patient is 16 yr. old female recently discharged from inpatient unit with provisional dx of
BD II. No luck tracking down good local resources so far. Ryst and Strange at U NV are not accepting new patients. Family can easily travel to Sacramento, or beyond if necessary. Would appreciate any leads you might offer. Thanks, Pam

Not much available in Reno (at least not that I am aware of) outside of U NV.  Try calling the Clinical Psychology department at UNV and ask for a referral, at least for the psychiatrist.  I think the closest program that gives FFT would be at Stanford (Dr. Kiki Chang, Department of Child Psychiatry, Stanford Univ).