Today’s Standard Treatment Was Yesterday’s Clinical Trial

Research studies help us advance our knowledge of autism spectrum disorders, leading to earlier diagnosis and better treatments. These discoveries are possible due to the generous contributions from families participating in research studies. Your child may be eligible to participate in one of UCLA CART’s many research studies. We invite you to partner in this discovery process with us.

* With the exception of the PEERS study, all studies are free and medical insurance is not required.

Age rangeStudy
Infants under 6-weeksIdentifying Early Signs of Autism in High-Risk Infants
0 months - 2 yearsNeurodevelopmental Studies in Infants with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex TSC
12 - 21 monthsIntervention Study for Young Children Showing Early Signs of Autism
33 - 39 monthsIdentifying Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders And Developmental Delays
6 - 11 yearsTreatment with Aripiprazole and Behavior Intervention for Children with Autism who have Low Language Ability
6 - 13 yearsTreatment with Therapy for Study for Children with Autism
7 - 14 yearsPhysiology of Anxiety in Children with Autism
7 - 17 yearsBrain Imaging in Children with Autism
8 - 16 yearsTreatment with Risperidone for Repetitive Behaviors in Children with Autism
11 - 18 yearsPEERS Social Skills Training for Children/Teens with Autism
18 - 35 yearsTreatment of Social Disability in Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders