Sahib Khalsa, M.D., Ph.D. – Psychiatrist

Sahib Khalsa, MD PhDSahib Khalsa M.D., Ph.D. is a Clinical Instructor and Weil Scholar in the UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences. He has been an attending physician in the OCD Intensive Treatment Program since 2013. Dr. Khalsa’s clinical expertise focuses on assessment and treatmentof anxiety disorders. He has published on clinical approaches to treating anxiety disorders and treatment resistant OCD. He also teaches pharmacotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy to psychiatry resident physicians in the UCLA Anxiety Disorders Clinic. Dr. Khalsa’s research seeks to understand the factors that modulate how humans perceive the internal state of the body, a process termed interoceptive awareness. His studies have examined the effects of aging, brain injury, and long term meditation practice on interoceptive awareness. His current research extends this interest into clinical domains, where he is studying interoceptive awareness in individuals with anxiety disorders and eating disorders.

He received a B.S. in Psychology with honors from SUNY Stony Brook in 2002, and graduated from the Medical Scientist Training Program at the University of Iowa, receiving M.D. and Ph.D. degrees in 2009. He completed his residency training in Psychiatry at UCLA in 2013, serving as the program Chief Resident and Chief Resident in the UCLA Anxiety Disorders Clinic. In 2013, he joined the department as a faculty member in the Division of Adult Psychiatry at UCLA.

The UCLA Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Intensive Treatment Program

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